Montreal’s Clan Destiny set for concert during Jazz Fest at Petit Campus

Singer/songwriters Benny Graur and Lauriel Lewis launched Clan Destiny in September 2020. Quick additions were drummer Michael Rien, bassist Zied Lakoud and lead male vocalist Julien Arsenault.

The partnership with John Jordan (Me Mom and Morgentaler)eventually led to the band’s momentum and recruiting began in earnest. Auditioning started in November 2020 with the band adding female vocalists Leesa Mackey, Rachel Dara, Marta Raposo and Kimberley Dunn to their roster.

Here is my chat with Graur, Lewis, Arsenault and a short rehearsal performance.

Male vocalists Micah Zumar and Lauber rounded out the vast range of sound Clan Destiny was producing and 20 pre-production songs emerged by April 2021

The partnership with world renowned Director Herman Alves and choreographer Dale King led to the band’s final formation.

With support from members of Arcade Fire, Bran Van 3000, April Wine and Edwin and the Bedouins and numerous support staff from graphists to webmasters, videographers and friends, the bands’ potential multiplied throughout its developing year.

After releasing their first album “Outlier” and their first video “6:30 in the morning” the Clan signed with John Jordan’s label Osmosis Inlimited and in association with Hermedia Productions. A Clan Destiny music collective was also started in order to include friends, family, support staff and other musicians and artists in order to share ideas and support the band.Clan Destiny continued pursuing their sound and by the Spring of 2022 had released their second full length feature album “Goliaths Minus,” followed by a live performance video of “once in a while”

Clan Destiny is now set to release it third and self -titled album and planning their third and fourth videos “Seasons” and “Soul Surrounded.” This summer the band plans on doing select live shows at outdoor festivals and venues. An Electrinic Press Kit (EPK) is being prepared and ready to send out to a waiting world and an upcoming short North American and/or European tour on the agenda for the fall.

Doors for the July 7 show open at 8pm. Tickets are $15 in advance or or $20 at the door.

Tickets can be purchased online here.

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Writer: Julien Arsenault and Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur