Knock on my door

Knock on my door

Benny Graur

Goliaths Minus

Song Type:
Pop / Easy Listening


Knock on my door and just say hello. Just let me in. Let me love you again.

We can try one more time, in our special place. There in loves embrace, we can try it again and again. We’d be falling, fall on our hands, trying to take back the things that were done and all things that were said.

All of the sacrifice, please let me in, let me love you again, because you know I’d just die if you left me behind.

Because you know I’ve been gone, a place where no one could find and I wasn’t clear, ya. No one let me in, hold on let me sing it clear, hold on my dear. Even though you destroyed every part of me, I answered, I answered, I answered I needed to hear.

My life is a mess and I know your buttons I pressed.

But I’ll tell you, my dream. I was down at that dock again, in a boat in my head there you went, there you fled. I ran after you for my life, screamed out your name out loud, and I said how you said love conquers all.

And now all it takes is a knock on my door. Just a silent embrace? Because you said you have the same nightmare dreams, and it’s the closest to heaven that we’ve ever been.

End song

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Writer: Julien Arsenault and Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur