Better Man

Better Man

Benny Graur

Better Man - Single

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Always thought the answers were hiding inside
And I’d become a better man, get through my inner pride
Never wanted anything that wasn’t really true
Now I’m looking for someone for a life cause I. Can’t live it with you
Actually, heard you smiled again, dropped me to my knees
Can’t pretend it didn’t hurt when you went away
He can give you anything, keep you surprised
I wonder does he love you like I love you my dear

You told me I just can’t drop my whole life
You said we’re just going in circles

I can’t hold on won’t be long til I cry
Best for you it’s your fate to decide

So, it ends a ghost that just pretends
I would send you everything all the love that I bring
See man I want to show you around
Say you found your peace, are you bluffing, that’s what I want to know
Want an answer to those questions I was holding inside
If I had a healing mind it wouldn’t be so bad
Let me ask you something would you do again
Just might be worth it in the end

Feeling soft and sometimes I’m afraid
Never was the best at passing time
Left a mark I hope you think back and I hope that you smile
Thinking of how it ended oh that still makes me cry
It’d be nice to hear your voice you cradled me back then
Wouldn’t even mind it if you shouted aloud
Lots of people warned me wasn’t my luck I suppose
Regular piece of heartbreak, nothing new by now

You told me…

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Writer: Julien Arsenault and Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur
Writer: Benny Graur