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We are Clan Destiny

We are Clan Destiny the hottest new music group to come out of Montreal.

Clan Destiny band is made up of extremely talented musicians performing in Shows, Festivals, Outdoor Venues, Concerts and yes bars, taverns, and nightclubs because we love to perform!

You can find us shooting music videos throughout Montreal including most recently coming up at the Rialto theatre during the Portuguese music festival June 2022.

Clan Destiny music collective is also slated to play P’tit campus in July 2022. These new Montreal musicians are in their own right very Talented and as a musical collective they are able to have a vast range of music to set the mood in any venue they play. You can catch us on tour this fall of 2022 in Montreal, Laval, Quebec City, Gatineau, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, New York and Nashville.

Possible European destinations are in the works for Bucharest (Romania) and Copenhagen. Clan Destiny has a message to convey to the world through our music and we hope to help heal people after what we have all been through.

Our band wants to entertain you and hope you have a great time at our shows and enjoy our music and our vibe. We definitely have the rhythm and our message of life, pain and love in the big city of Montreal is a story told in our 2 albums Outlier and Goliaths Minus. It’s a story about love and hope and sometimes loss and pain but mostly of hope for a bright future.

Enjoy our music and cheers from the members of Clan Destiny and the Clan Destiny Music Collective. Please hear us on Band-camp, Instagram, Facebook and our YouTube videos of 6:30 in the morning and Once in a while, plus a third video coming soon – “Soul Surrounded”.

We hope to see you at our next live performance!

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Clan destiny

The hottest new music group to come out of Montreal

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